Buying a House During the Holidays

Buying a House During the Holidays


Buying a house during the holidays sounds like a nightmare for many people. But, we are here to tell you that it’s actually a great time to buy. Seeing beautiful lights and decorations is just a bonus! 


Holiday Home Shopping Tip #1

People that have their homes listed for sale during the holidays are typically more motivated. You’re likely to find a seller that is a bit more flexible with price, terms, closing costs, and closing date. 


Holiday Home Shopping Tip #2

Less competition! There are far fewer buyers looking for new homes during the holidays. With the lack of buyers, it’s the perfect time for you to score a new house without a bidding war. 


Holiday Home Shopping Tip #3

If you’re like some of our past clients, you want the visual of where your menorah or Christmas tree will go. Buying a home house during the holidays gives the opportunity to see where people place these items. 


Holiday Home Shopping Tip #4

If you’ve been wanting to get a “deal” – this may be the only time to do so. Statistically, people making home offers in December get larger discounts than any other month. While we encourage falling in love with a house you can afford, buying a house during the holidays can sometimes help your budget! 


Holiday Home Shopping Tip #5

The feelings…

Ain’t no Christmas like a “New House” Christmas! Waking up in your new home and running to see what Santa left under the tree will be even better when it’s in your new home! 

What about New Year’s Eve? Shooting off fireworks in your yard or just have your nearest and dearest over for dessert or champagne. It’s gonna be super special in your new digs. 



Even if you pick a house to buy just days before December, 25th, buying a house during the holidays can still go off without a hitch. We will adjust other dates in your contract to work around the days that many people take off. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back.


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