Category: New Orleans Home Buying

MLS Codes

  The MLS (multiple listing service) is where New Orleans real estate agents input all their new listings. The MLS feeds homes for sale to Zillow,, and other related websites.   When searching for homes, your real estate agent will set up your property search directly form our MLS – this ensures that you see… Read more »


Do I need closing cost assistance?

  Do I need closing cost assistance? This answer is going to vary from person to person. Some people don’t “need” closing costs help, but it would be nice to have. Others would not be able to purchase a home without some aid.  (Be sure you understand what closing costs are first!)  For the TL;DR people,… Read more »


Pros & Cons of Homeownership

  Homeownership has its pros and cons – because it’s not for everyone. Whether you’re concerned about insurance or just want a call a place all your own, take a peek and weigh your options if you’ve been on the fence about buying!     Pros of homeownership   #1: More space for less If… Read more »