Category: New Orleans Home Buying

Why Should I Buy A House?

  Deciding to buy a home is already a big step. But, have you thought, “WHY should I buy a home?” This is a personal question that only you can come to a conclusion on. However, we can offer some insight into why you should buy a home!     #1: Equity Generally speaking, homes… Read more »


Why You Get a Reinspection

  Regarding home buying, reinspections should be a top priority before closing on your new home! What does this mean? What does this even reference? Let us tell you!    Inspections Once you have an accepted contract on a property, you will have your inspection and due diligence period. During this time, you and your… Read more »


Safe Neighborhoods in New Orleans

  Did you know that I can’t tell you which neighborhoods in New Orleans are the “safe neighborhoods”? Yep. It’s true. It’s actually illegal. And I’m not talking about making a left turn on basically any street in New Orleans. I’m talking about PRISON. Real estate agents who don’t follow the Fair Housing policies are… Read more »