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What’s Happening in the Real Estate Market? June 2022

  Real estate was a flurry of activity from June 2020 to the spring of 2022. Bidding wars, waiving appraisals, offering the sellers our firstborn all to get an accepted offer. It has been absolute insanity for 2 years now. SCREEEEECH!!! The record player just came to a halt and the New Orleans real estate… Read more »


How to Pick a Buyer’s Agent

  We have said it repeatedly – not all agents are the same. Picking a buyer’s agent should not be done lightly. The difference in service and skills can make or break your entire transaction. (And it could be a rough 30-45 days during the deal if your agent isn’t on top of things!)  … Read more »


Why is No One Bidding on This House?

  Y’all. This New Orleans real estate market can put our buyers through the wringer! Currently, we are dealing with lots of bidding wars and buyer fatigue. So, why is it then, in a market where nothing stays on the market very long, are you the only one making an offer on a particular house?… Read more »