Hot Hoods July 2022


Welcome to Hot Hoods – where we tell you what the hottest neighborhoods of New Orleans were for the past month! This is the July 2022 edition.


Single-Family Homes

0-$100k: 7 sales total; 7th Ward was the winner with 2 of those sales; average price was $76k, and all the homes were in need of complete renovation


$100k-$200k: 40 sales; New Orleans East had the majority of sales; homes ranged in condition from new builds (Lower 9th Ward) to houses in need of complete rehabilitation (Milan neighborhood)


$200k-$300k: 59 sales; New Orleans East & Gentilly had the majority of these sales; houses ranged from new construction (New Orleans East) to houses in need of full renovations (Bywater)


$300k-$400k: 47 sales; Algiers (not Algiers Point) had the most sales; These sales included new builds in Gert Town and big projects in Navarre


$400-$500k: 34 sales; Lakeview was the hottest spot; This price point also included new builds in Gentilly and houses in average condition in Leonidas/West Carrollton


$500-$750k: 34 sales; East Carrollton & Algiers Point tied for the hottest neighborhood; this also included Gentilly new construction & average condition homes in the Audubon neighborhood


$750k-$1M: 16 sales; Bayou St. John was the hottest hood for this price range; property conditions range from excellent to average


$1M & Up: 16 sales; the Garden District squeaked in as the winner of this category; the average sales price was $1.4M; this sales bracket included houses in average condition in Bayou St. John & houses in excellent shape Uptown



Multi-Family Homes

  • 0-$100k: 1 sale; New Orleans East had the most
  • $100-$200k: 10 sales; St. Roch & 7th Ward were tied
  • $200-$300k: 16 sales; 7th Ward has the majority
  • $300-$400k: 18 sales: Bayou St. John was the hottest hood with 2 of them
  • $400-$500k: 16 sales; the winner was Mid-City
  • $500-$750k: 19 sales; Lakeview was the winner with 3
  • $750k-$1M: 4 sales: Black Pearl, French Quarter, Touro & Bayou St. John
  • $1M & Up: 3 sales; French Quarter, Garden District, & Uptown



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