How to Sell Your Home Without Making Any Repairs


Are you looking to sell your home without doing ANY repairs or providing any concessions? This is not an easy feat as every homebuyer wants something. However, we are here to tell you that it is possible! Here are our tips on selling without making any repairs. 


#1: Get pre-listing inspections

The easiest way to avoid being asked for repairs is to have pre-listing inspections completed on your home. Hire a home inspector to come and perform a thorough inspection – just like if you were the buyer. When we list your home, we will provide that report to all potential buyers to ensure they know what they’re getting into even before they make an offer. 

Having done this numerous times on different properties, it works. While we may wait a little longer for the right buyer, you at least didn’t waste your time going under contract multiple times, only for the buyers to keep canceling contracts. 



#2: Disclose everything

If you know the plumbing leaks – disclose it. If you’re aware that the HVAC isn’t working – admit it. 


But making sure that your disclosures have all the defects of your home will save you a lot of time and heartache later as buyers find these issues and then ask you to repair them. This leads us back to pre-listing inspections, so there are NO surprises! 



#3: Price your home properly

Even when letting a buyer know all the warts of a home, you will still need to factor in the costs of all those repairs. Pricing your house reasonably for its condition is essential for getting through the sale without issues! 



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