It’s not my taste: House Hunting in New Orleans

house hunting


House hunting for a New Orleans home is fun. Or it should be!


Before going to see houses, you and your New Orleans real estate agent will determine what kind of properties to go visit. Do you want a big one? A little guy? Fixer-upper? Turn-key? Brand new? All of these things will be discussed ahead of time so that you only see properties that could potentially be your next home.


I HATE the wall color. 

Sorry to hear that. But, you know what you can do? Paint it! This gives you an opportunity to make this house truly yours by picking out your paint colors!


Their furniture is hideous. 

Ok, it’s not your style. Good thing you’re buying the house and not their stuff.


There is a bathtub in the bedroom! 

Yeeeeeeeah, I’ve seen this on more than one occasion. Is it for decoration? If so, we can ask for it be removed. If not, more serious decisions will have to be made.


The art does nothing for this house. 

Perfect. It’s leaving when the sellers get out! Then you can hang all of your own beauties proudly on the walls.


Their dog smells. 

Sparky may need a bath but he’s not staying with the house either. His owners probably want to take him when they move.


Their dog is so cute, can I have it?!

NOPE. That’s their pet!


These floors are the WORST. 

It’s likely you may observe some old carpet or terrible laminate floors in more than one house. Let’s get some quotes on changing that floor out for you. Then your new home will have touches of your personality.


If you would like to start house hunting in New Orleans, drop your info below or send a text! 



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