How to Break Up With Your Real Estate Agent

how to break up with your real estate agent


Have you found yourself buying or selling a home and no longer loving your real estate agent? You are not alone, my friend. We have met many clients looking to move on from their current Realtor and connect with a new one. Here is how to break up with your real estate agent! 



Homebuyers – you are not obligated to use the listing agent to write an offer on a house you love. That’s called dual agency and is usually a pretty bad idea. You are also not forced to use an agent who showed a couple of houses. If you don’t feel like they are a good fit for you, it’s time to move on. 


But how, you ask? 

If you have found another agent you would prefer to work with, then text or email the first real estate agent and let them know you won’t need their services anymore. You do not need to provide any information beyond that. (There is no need to be rude. All you have to say is, “I no longer need help. Thank you for your time.”)

Even if you haven’t found the right fit agent yet – you don’t have to keep working with someone you don’t feel is competent, understands what you’re looking for, or doesn’t listen. 



What if I’m under contract and no longer want to work with this agent?

The contract technically belongs to the brokerage. In this situation, you can call the broker of the real estate company and ask them to reassign you to someone else or have the broker take it over themselves. 

If the agent is also the broker, you are stuck. You can’t break up with your real estate agent if they are the broker and you’re under contract already. While someone might tell you that you could cancel the contract and get another agent, your new agent will likely lose their commission because the original agent was considered a “procuring cause.” 


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Home sellers will find themselves in a different boat when it comes to breaking up with your real estate agent. In most scenarios, you have likely signed a listing agreement that has locked you into a six-month agreement. (Sometimes longer! Make sure you know what you’re signing before you put your John Hancock on it!)

If you find yourself just in need of any other agent than the one you have, call the broker. The brokerage is the one who “owns” the listing. Your agent is the designated agent, and the broker can change that and connect you with someone else. 

If your agent is also the broker, you might not have any other options. You can still ask to be let off your listing agreement earlier than the agreed-upon date – but they do not have to comply. (However, many will agree to cancel your contract early.)



Buying and selling real estate is a big deal, and you should take the time to interview agents and ask questions before working with them. Here at Be New Orleans, we know choosing the right real estate agent is a big deal. We are happy to connect you with former clients to ask questions about us, too! 



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