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Leslie Heindel


Leslie Heindel didn’t rush into her career in real estate. Her mom was in the business and urged her to join, but Leslie was not convinced. She helped her mom out as her assistant part-time, then went back to her full-time bartending gig. Later, her mom needed more help. And after much cajoling, Leslie agreed to get her license and run her office – though she was adamant she would never be an agent. 


While she was in that role, something changed. She saw people really needed someone to look out for them, educate them, and fight for them. At that moment, Leslie knew she had found her calling. Leslie believes that education and support are vital to helping clients sell or buy the right property – not just for now, but for the long haul.  She says “I am in clients’ lives looooong after the deal is over. I keep them up to date on market trends in their area, consult before renovations, and make sure they don’t forget important things about their houses.”


Focused, funny and detail-oriented, Leslie loves helping people, especially women, take that next step in their lives. For her, knowing she was able to help people who thought they could never buy a house make the dream a reality or help a client get a really sweet deal makes all the hard work worth it. 


Outside of work at a New Orleans Realtor, Leslie is passionate about sleep, Beyonce, and trying to save the Earth one less straw at a time. She also really, really loves her city. To shine a light on how New Orleans just keeps getting better, her project, 365 New Orleans highlights small businesses in NOLA, 365 days a year. 



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