Should I stage my home when selling?


Have you ever walked into a beautifully staged home? You know, the kind where everything looks perfect, and they clearly living a life built on Pinterest? If you have, then you understand why staging your home when selling is so important.

Staging a home can make it look more attractive to potential buyers and help them envision living in the space. The strategic use of furniture, wall decor, and even plants can help show off all the beautiful features of your home and create an inviting atmosphere. But what are some of the specific benefits of staging your home before putting it up for sale? Let’s explore them further.



The First Impression Counts

You’ve heard it before – first impressions count! Potential buyers should be wowed by its beauty when they first walk into a house.

Staging allows potential buyers to see the possibilities in each room rather than just seeing an empty space with no personality or charm. And if they love what they see inside, they will likely be more willing to submit an offer on your house. So making sure your home looks inviting and appealing is worth the effort when showing it to potential buyers.




Setting Up a Space That People Can Relate To

When setting up a living room or bedroom, you want the prospective buyer to feel like they could live there themselves – not just wander through as a tourist. Adding furniture pieces and decorative items helps people envision the life they could potentially live! Even if it’s not to your taste, we are creating a visual for potential buyers.




Highlighting Features With Staging Accessories

Staging accessories such as artwork and pillows can be used strategically throughout each room to draw attention away from any flaws or imperfections in your home. Accessories can significantly create maximum visual impact when showing off different rooms in your house. No needs to worry, though – our amazing stager pulls together spaces with her extra touches!



Light it Up

Changing the outdated lighting in your home is more than just staging. These new pieces will stay with the house after the sale is closed. You may think, “wouldn’t someone want to pick out their own light fixtures?” Sure. Some home buyers would. But, many want to pack up and move in without having to do anything at all.

Lighting can very quickly make a room look updated/renovated. There are inexpensive options we can utilize that will transform a space!



When it comes time to sell your house, staging can make all the difference between having a successful sale or not getting any offers at all! By strategically placing furniture pieces throughout your home, you make sure that potential buyers get an accurate representation of what life would be like living there while also highlighting all the best features at once!



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