Show Me the NOLA Showgirls!

Rebecca Fox, one of the original founders of the NOLA Showgirls, has gone viral recently. (If you haven’t seen the letter, check it out here.) For those of you in the TL;DR crowd: the City of New Orleans & parade captains have decided to cut back on the amount of marching groups to decrease parade times instead of, just a suggestion, cutting back on the amount of tandem floats, or even just floats in general. Marching groups, dance troupes, and bands make Mardi Gras just a little more special. The time and effort that goes into costumes, practice, & meetings is something most people aren’t even aware of. It’s not just throwing on an outfit and hitting the streets to strut. And before anyone can say, “there are too many groups now! We need to cut back!” I could say the same thing about festivals, but y’all keep cranking those things out. 



Conceived in 2013, officially formed in 2014, & a slight ownership change in 2015 is how the NOLA Showgirls started off. Since 2015, they have maintained all the same members. They are Las Vegas inspired & dance with feathers – which is perfect for their motto, “Through Fans & Feathers, We Stick Together!” Some of the original founding members were former showgirls & they wanted to bring the luxury & glamour of those shows to New Orleans. These fabulous ladies hand make all of their costumes, even sewing their own corsets. You can’t miss them coming down the street with all of the glitter, rhinestones, & ostrich feathers in your face. One of their favorite aspects of Mardi Gras are the crowds trying to copy their routine using other props.



So. This troupe sounds awesome, right? They look amazing and they sacrifice their feet by marching in heels. (I would NEV-AH!)

Well, you won’t find them gracing the streets of New Orleans this Mardi Gras season since they have cut down on the amount of troupes that can march. They are on the verge of having to disband or take some time to restructure.

Can anyone help them be a part of “that number”?


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