What Every New Orleans Home Buyer Needs to Know

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When deciding to buy your first New Orleans home, there are a variety of things you really need to know. Working with an experienced New Orleans real estate agent will help you be prepared for anything that might come up.

While you’re in the investigative stages of home buying, here is some lagniappe information we think more buyers should familiarize themselves with.


Flood Insurance

All future homeowners would like to not be in a flood zone. However, all New Orleans homes are in a flood zone – it’s that some are in more desirable zones than others.

Flood zones X and B are the cheapest ones to be in. This insurance is typically around $450/year in these areas.

Flood zones A, AE, A1-A5 are all areas that have more expensive insurance. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy in these areas and it also doesn’t mean you’re going to flood every time it rains.

Sometimes getting an elevation certificate can help make the cost of your insurance go down. If your home is raised, your insurance can go down too.

We can take a deeper dive into these concerns when we meet.



Bond Money for Down Payment Assistance 

There is money available at the city and state level that can help you with your down payment. Many of these programs will give you up to $10,000! There are certain criteria to qualify for these programs though.

Not all agents and lenders are familiar with these programs. Be sure to work with people who know how to get you the help you need.

Team Be New Orleans can set up with an experienced lender today that can help you with 100% financing too!



It’s going to be very hard to find a house that doesn’t already have some sort of termite damage. We want to be honest about that.

What we really need to know is how much damage there is and is it impacting the structural integrity of the house. The damage may just be superficial!

We always recommend getting a termite contract on your house. The initial treatment costs will vary based on square footage. Yearly renewal will likely be around $100-$200.





One of our favorite home inspectors told us that you could take a sample anywhere in the city and have it come back positive for mold. New Orleans is wet. We are humid, built on swamps, and sit on a river – you’re gonna find some mold.

If we see mold in a house you’re interested in buying, let’s find out how extensive it is. We can have it treated and removed. We can even have mold testing done to see what kind of mold it is!



Insurance Prices

Sure, you love that 150-year-old house – who doesn’t? We want to make sure you’re aware that older houses have higher insurance prices.

Is it going to break the bank and make your monthly note unaffordable?

It could. Let’s get an insurance quote and discuss it with your lender.



Streets of New Orleans

It literally doesn’t matter what part of the city you live in. From Desire to Audubon – the streets aren’t great. Getting a street without a single pothole is just damn near impossible.



Neighborhoods of New Orleans

Our neighborhoods are wildly different. Some are super walkable, while others are mainly residential. To find the right one for you, you can take our neighborhood quiz.



When looking to buy your first New Orleans home, these are just some of the items we like to cover ahead of time. As experienced New Orleans real estate agents, we know it’s more than just bedrooms and bathrooms!


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