Who’s buying the house?

who's buying the house


When you decide to take the plunge into home buying, we know it can seem super daunting. Since you’re working with an amazing and top New Orleans real estate agent – you don’t need to be worried about things getting done on time. We’ve got you covered on that. While there are plenty of things that can derail your New Orleans home buying process – don’t let it be a family member or friend. Which is why we ask, “Who’s buying the house?”


WHAT? A friend or family member stopped a house sale? 

We see it happen every day. So, when we ask who is having a say in you buying this house – we want to know how many people are weighing in.

Over the years, we have seen people fall deeply in love with a house only to have their parents come along and shut it all down.


You might be asking yourself right now “how does this happen?” 

It happens a multitude of ways. If the parents are helping with the down payment, they feel like they should get a say in your house choice.

Or maybe your parents are just very involved in your life and not providing any cash. We’ve seen dads roll in and tell their adult children that the house is about to fall down. (Even if it’s far from the truth, they always believe their parents!)

Maybe your significant other feels they have a right to an opinion. (We are talking about when you’re unmarried and you’re buying the house on your own.) And that’s ok if you value their input!

Other times we have seen a best friend come through and tear the house apart. They loathe everything about it and so should you. Even though they aren’t going to be living there or paying for it, they have a lot to vocalize about your purchase.


Here’s what we have to say about this. 

Decide ahead of time whose opinion you’re going to value and the ones you will just nod your head to but ignore. If your BFF, Jennifer, isn’t paying for the houseignore her. We see lots of envious friends who just don’t want you buying a house before they do.

If you know mom and dad are never going to like what you like, then nod and smile. Make them feel heard.

The potential life partner wants to feel special too. Either include them or don’t. But make a decision early on.


At the end of the day, buy the house that’s right for you, your lifestyle, your family, your pets, and your budget


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Why your parents will ruin home buying

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