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Favorite New Orleans Mortgage Lenders

  Team Be New Orleans helps about 100 people and families buy and sell homes annually. With this kind of experience, we have seen some amazing mortgage lenders. We have also seen some… not-so-great ones. Let’s focus on the positive and share some of our absolute favorite mortgage lenders in the New Orleans area!  … Read more »


Closing Costs & How it’s Used

  Closing Costs. This is a word that you may hear as a buyer and have no clue what it even is! To break it down quickly, closing costs are the additional fees or expenses you incur while purchasing a home. This includes homeowners insurance, flood insurance, property taxes, lender fees, title company fees, and… Read more »


What are discount points?

  With interest rates higher than they have been in some time, many homebuyers are using discount points these days. What are discount points? Here’s a quick rundown!    What are discount points? In order to lower your interest rate, you pay an upfront fee called “points” or “discount points.”  Current day (as of July… Read more »