Pop some PANACHE!


Creating a WOW factor in your home must be something unexpected that leaves a BIG impression. You know, the thing that they can’t stop talking about once people see. So now that I have your attention let’s talk about how we can accomplish upping your home wow factor!


Original art by Tracey Mose available at ESOM Art

Get some art, STAT

I love to walk into a room and be greeted with a BIG statement art piece! Extra points if it’s in a location that otherwise would go unnoticed. Don’t have a large open wall? That’s ok, and a well-curated picture wall will work just as well. And get creative; art isn’t limited to paintings; art comes in many medians, so your job is to figure out what speaks to you and incorporate that into your home. I am a huge fan of   SCULPTURES; talk about a fun way to blow minds!

Also, I want to say this loud and proud; ANYONE can collect art. You don’t have to have a huge budget or some insane knowledge of art. It comes at all price points and can be found on the street, in a swanky gallery, or anywhere between. The only real MUST is that it speaks to you! Art buying tips here!




Wallpaper, Baby

Wallpaper is everybody’s darling again, but that’s because it is so great! And a little goes a long way…think about an accent wall or the ceiling. There are so many choices across all price points, so there is wallpaper for everyone. Pro tip: Consider wallpaper on furniture too! It can be a knockout on a dresser or hutch!




Photo and Mirror from West Elm

Mirror, Mirror

There are so many mirror options- don’t be afraid to mix up your style and get playful, funky, or glamorous! From antique to ultra-modern, mirrors can often be the perfect solution when you just aren’t sure what to put in a space. Mirrors are fabulous for increasing the sense of space and stimulating your natural light. They can also be used in decorating to create a vignette; in place of art-they are often more budget-friendly! And the great thing is if you get tired of the mirror, it’s an easy fix to update with a new one!




Photo from Apartment Therapy


It’s all about the houseplants y’all! Not only do they brighten the darkest of corners or instantly add calmness & warmth to a space, but they also have health benefits!

From dainty to over-the-top lush plants, there is literally a plant for every space, BUT before you start buying, it would be smart to consult an expert at a local plant nursery to find out which plants are best suited for your spaces and how to care for the plants! Don’t forget, if you have pets make sure any plants you have are non-toxic to your fur babies.




Mid Century Collection Scones from Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights

Light it up!

Light fixtures can be one of the fastest ways to change the entire way a space feels and leave a lasting impression. Have you ever walked into a foyer with an amazing light fixture and just stopped & stare? What about going into a powder room to find the perfect glow from a glamorous fixture? But a great light fixture is limited to an over-the-top chandelier, don’t be afraid to get funky with light fixtures! Be it a pendant light, a table, or a floor lamp. Go ahead, have fun, and don’t be afraid to mix your styles; you can be well-curated without being matchy!




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