So Fresh and So Clean!



The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, you know what that means… SPRING! With the beauty of spring comes a great challenge…SPRING CLEANING! We know it can be overwhelming, but we are going to break it down AND even tell you where you can donate. But first let’s PREP:


  1.  Make sure you have all the supplies you need to get this party started – cleaners, paper towels, batteries, light bulbs, air filters, etc.
  2. Have a game plan for dinner on SPRING CLEANING DAY– you are going to be tired after all the cleaning and you won’t want to get your kitchen dirty.
  3. Schedule your breaks- set timers if you have too. Gotta stay on task.
  4. Open the windows, if you can.
  5. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Everyone in the house needs to contribute after all they all live there.
  6. Crank up the music and GO!



Remove anything from the kitchen that shouldn’t be there.

Get in those cabinets and drawers….Put aside any cups, glasses, plates, silverware, pots, pans or storage containers- ELIMINATE what you no longer use and DONATE.
Now that everything is out – wipe down the inside of your cabinets & drawers.
Organize kitchen cabinets & drawers.
Clean and disinfect the trash can.
CLEAN the microwave, dishwasher, oven and stove top burners.
Don’t forget to clean and disinfect the coffee maker.
Disinfect the garbage disposal.
Replace filters – water, hood vent, etc.
Clean your hood vent.
Go through your refrigerator, freezer and pantry – check the expiration dates. Also if you have excess that you know you aren’t going to eat before it expires – put it aside and donate!!!

Reorganize your refrigerator, freezer and pantry.
Sharpen Knives.
Sanitize Cutting Boards.
Check freshness of herbs & spices.
Deep clean floors.
Disinfect your knobs, pulls, and light fixtures.
Deep clean and polish your cabinet doors.
Clean out under your sink, eliminate the unnecessary and organize.
Make a running list of new kitchen supplies needed.



Dust/Wet Wipe ceiling fans, vents, and light fixtures.
Dust/Wet Wipe baseboards, windowsills and picture molding, etc.
Clean the windows.
Sanitize light switches, remotes & key boards.
Dust furniture – including picture frames and display items.
Vacuum couches, chairs, along corners of floors and cobwebs along ceilings.
Clean out all linen and storage closets – eliminate anything not needed.

Set aside items in good condition to donate.



Dust/Wet Wipe ceiling fans, vents and light fixtures.
Dust/Wet Wipe baseboards, windowsills, and picture molding, etc.
Clean the windows.
Sanitize switch plates and door knobs.
Clean the toilet – scrub the bowl and wipe down the outside.
Clean sink and counter.
Organize under sink and bath closet – eliminate anything you don’t use and put aside towels, washcloths, extra toiletries to donate
Scrub bathtub.
Clean shower walls.
Sanitize faucets and fixtures.
Empty trash – clean & sanitize the can.
Sweep & Mop bathroom floor.



Go through closets, drawers and shoes. Eliminate anything you no longer wear or extra bed linens you do not use. Set aside for donations. 
Organize your closets, drawers and shoes.
Dust/Wet Wipe Ceiling Fans, Light Fixtures, Remotes, keyboards, baseboards and picture molding.
Dust all furniture, picture frames, and display items.
Wash windows and windowsills.
Sanitize switch plates and door knobs.
Rotate mattress.
Wash all bedding, including mattress protector.
Vacuum floors – also corners along floors and cobwebs along ceiling.
Mop Floors. (if applicable)
Make Bed. (Editor’s Note: I HATE making my bed!)



You have cleaned out everything and you’re ready to pay it foward by donating household goods, clothes, shoes, etc. But where oh where to go and what if you have a couch or refriegerator that needs picked up? Don’t worry you have options.

Bridge House 

Dress for Success New Orleans

New Orleans Mission 

Vietnam Veterans of America 

Second Harvest Food Bank 

Greater New Orleans Free Little Pantries 

Dresses for Dreams 



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