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What home photos don’t tell you

  Real estate photos should show you what the house looks like. It shows you the paint colors, the owners decorating styles, how large or small the yard is. Or we have the exact opposite situation in real estate photos –  where they only show you the exterior and you’re slightly terrified of what’s on… Read more »


Good Neighborhoods in New Orleans

  Did you know that I can’t tell you which neighborhoods in New Orleans are the “good neighborhoods”? Yep. It’s true. It’s actually illegal. And I’m not talking about making a left turn on basically any street in New Orleans. I’m talking about PRISON. Real estate agents who don’t follow the Fair Housing policies are… Read more »


First Time Home Buyer Classes

  Want to learn about first time home buyer classes in New Orleans?  Not all first time home buyer classes are the same. If you have to pay for the class, you should speak with a lender BEFORE doing that. Some classes are for you to qualify for specific downpayment assistance. The problem with that is,… Read more »