What to Look For in Your Final Walk-Through


Up to five days before you complete the sale on your new home, your agent will schedule your final walk-through. This is your last look at the house before signing all the documents and taking possession of the house. Some people don’t find it important, but we are here to tell you what to look for in that final walk-through and why it is necessary! 



The seller must provide utilities (except in cases with bank-owned properties or negotiated that the seller would not have them turned on) until the act of sale is complete. 

Why is this important? We can’t test the appliances without utilities! 




Appliances & AC

 Without water, we cannot ensure the water heater is functioning properly. Without gas, we can’t check the stove or heater. We can’t test AC, ceiling fans, and lights without electricity. 

Unless you purchase new construction, you are taking the house “as-is.” This means you cannot ask the seller for item repairs AFTER the sale is completed. 

Also, we need to double-check that the seller left the agreed-upon appliances. We often show up for a final walk-through to find the refrigerator missing when it was listed as an appliance to remain with the home. This is when your real estate agent has to get on the phone with the listing agent and get it returned! 

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Leaving a Mess

The Louisiana Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell does not state that the house needs to be cleaned. It only states that the house must be in the same or better condition than when it was originally seen. 

However, if the house is still filled with their items and it’s an hour before your scheduled closing, your agent will need to find out when these items are being removed. This is uncommon to happen, and we want you to brace yourselves. 

We have learned over time that it’s best to ask for the removal of junk and have the house professionally cleaned when negotiating the inspections. 

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You will also need to inspect those items if the seller has agreed to make repairs. Often, buyers will pay their home inspector to come back and check the repair items to ensure they have been done correctly. About 90% of the time, the repairs are NOT completed or are only partially done. This is the reason we encourage checking for repairs five days before closing so the seller has time to finish them and we have time to double-check them again. 



We must remind you that after you sign all the documents transferring the house into your name, you can no longer request any items from the seller. Even if agreed-upon items were not completed, you have no legal recourse because you signed a document stating you were taking the house in its current condition. 



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