Month: May 2018

Magnificent Milan

  The New Orleans neighborhood, Milan, is an area some would likely just call Uptown.   With such a diverse mix of residents, you will find anywhere from doctors to servers calling this area home. Milan also has public tennis courts for all, a basketball court, and a very active neighborhood association. While mainly residential, there are… Read more »


NOLA Summer Camps

  Your kids are about to be free from the imprisonment of school. Now, what do you do with them? You can’t take the whole summer off, as much as you would like to. Unless you’ve got an amazing babysitter to take them all day long, they need to find a summer camp to attend.… Read more »


What is the Process?

  You’re going to hear the term “home buying process” once you start googling about how to buy your New Orleans house. What is this process you keep hearing about? It’s a combination of many things. Ultimately, it’s a checklist to go down once you decide to purchase a home. As your New Orleans real… Read more »