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Eric Cook is a professional chef that you may know from a number of restaurants across New Orleans. He has worked for many high profile chefs in the city, but it was time for Eric to do his own thing. Getting word that an amazing spot in the Lower Garden District was available, Cook jumped on the opportunity and managed to get Gris-Gris open in just a few months. 

Due to his resume, he had connections to the creme de la creme of staff. Pulling from all over town, Gris-Gris is able to offer fine dining service and food at casual dining fares. The cocktail menu is well thought out, the menu is perfection, and the staff is prompt and friendly.

Whether you’re looking for a happy hour spot or dinner with clients – Gris-Gris will make everyone happy.


1. Tell me about Gris-Gris.

Gris-Gris is a neighborhood restaurant that specializes in elevated New Orleans southern cuisine.  We are bringing all of our years of experience in fine dining to an approachable menu. We want you to feel like you are going to someone’s house – that’s why we love the open kitchen. Our prices aren’t crazy either, so you can come here multiple times a week without breaking the bank. 


2. How long have you been in business? 

August 1, 2018. I have been a professional chef for over 25 years.


3. How do people find you online? 

grisgrisnola.com, Facebook, and Instagram @grisgrisnola


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

The pedigree of people working here is astounding. We have the badass Ferrel Dugas as our bar director – she’s just amazing. We have Brooke Foster and Hailey Van Fleet – they are the nucleus of this place.

We have people coming in from high levels all over the city to work here. They are all so talented and I’m lucky to have them here.


5. Why Gris-Gris?

It was an idea. By definition, gris-gris is a symbol – it’s a power that can be an unstoppable force.

Dining is magical. Now I have the place, the idea, the staff that seems so simple but there is so much magic behind it all. We have all done so much and now we brought it all into this one house – and I’m blown away that we have all of that here.


Go eat & drink all the things at Gris-Gris, located at 1800 Magazine St. 


Learn more about the LGD. 


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