Furr-Ever Homes: Winter 2020

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One of Team Be New Orleans’ favorite things is your pets! We love holding them, snuggling them, and we even love helping you pick them out.

There are many homeless pets in New Orleans, which is why we always preach the “Adopt & don’t Shop” motto. We each have rescue babies of our own and would love to connect you to others.

Take a look at some of the available pets through Animal Helper New Orleans.



Little Bit

Furr-Ever Homes


Little Bit is a spunky, and a little mouthy, 3-year-old mixed breed. Fluffy, adorable, cuddly, and super-loving are other words that Animal Helper has used to describe Little Bit as well. She loves walks and is excellent on a leash. Due to her jealous tendencies, Bit may be best for a home that she’s the queen of the throne. (She plays well with other dogs but likes your solid attention.)

Animal Helper believes she would EXCEL at agility and they are happy to refer you to a local club.


Little Bit’s Real Estate needs:

She is much more suited for a single-family home than one that shares walls. We think you should consider something with some yard space too. On a rainy day, Bit will curl up and binge a season of Cheer on Netflix with you. But, when the storm clouds pass – she’s ready for some fun!

Metairie could be an excellent choice, as those homes tend to have larger yards and easy access to the dog park at Lafreniere Park. Lakeview, Navarre, and Gentilly are other options with City Bark close by!

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Furr-Ever Homes


Leroy is only one-year-old and came from a home that wasn’t the best fit. Because of those circumstances, he’s afraid of all new things – including people and dogs. His current foster is working on introducing him to new experiences and building his confidence. With enough positive experiences, he will start opening up!

Believed to be a bloodhound and coonhound mix, Leroy is going to need some manners training. He is 77 lbs and a strong boy. Noteworthy though, he’s a quiet boy for being so young. He’s been around other dogs without any aggression either.


Leroy’s Real Estate Needs: 

Since Leroy will need exercise and training, we think Holy Cross would be a perfect fit for him. Grab a leash and go out for a jog on the levee. Since this neighborhood is fairly serene, it will be great for getting Leroy used to you and getting some exercise in!

Another awesome option could be Lake Terrace or Lake Oaks. With easy access to go walking out by Lake Pontchartrain, and it not being overly crowded there, you have time to work on Leroy’s confidence.

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Max & Tidbit


Max & Tidbit come as a wonderful pair! They have been buddies for a while and we aren’t separating these BFFs! Max is a mutt, 12 years old, and about 24 lbs. Tidbit is a chihuahua mix and is 9 lbs and 6 years old.

Before this pair found themselves without a home – they were accustomed to birthday parties, car rides, and cuddling. Thay had other large dog friends and even cats were in their crew too.

While Max now has arthritis, he still loves playing fetch. Tidbit is super happy sitting on the sidelines and watching.


Max & Tidbit’s Real Estate Needs: 

Since Max’s joints are getting creakier (same here!), we think a one-story with some yard space is going to be ideal. Algiers would be the perfect fit for these brothers! Plenty of one-story homes, yard space for days, and a suburban lifestyle. Take Max over to Brechtel Park for an easy game of fetch and let Tidbit bask in the sun.

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Luna & Zydeco


Luna & Zydeco are a dynamic duo! Clocking in at 83 lbs, Zydeco is a 5-year-old German Shepard. Luna is a 63 lb 8-year-old border collie mix. They are joined at the hip and cannot be separated.

With both dogs loving the outdoor life, they will need lots of room to romp around. They know a few commands and work well with smaller pups too. They have never met a stranger!

Before being placed in a shelter, they had a good home life. Unfortunately, not spectacular circumstances led to them looking for a new home.


Luna & Zydeco’s Real Estate needs:

Since both of these dogs are larger and need space, the logical choices are a home with an ample yard. Hell, you may want to consider giving them their own bedroom!

The Northshore, Metairie, and Gentilly will all help meet Luna & Zydeco’s home must-haves.

Taking on two dogs of this size means you won’t be living in a condo or a small cottage. Give them the room to grow in your house and your heart.

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Furr-Ever Home


Weighing in at only 10 lbs, Chiquita is 13 years young. Chiquita loves her squeaky toys, running around in the yard, and curling up with you while you read a book. For Halloween and Mardi Gras – pull those costumes out though! She loves playing dress-up! Chiquita is great with kids, cats, and very mellow dogs.

And while Chiquita has some health issues – you would never know. She’s happy to be by your side.


Chiquita’s Real Estate needs: 

We would love for Chiquita to live out the rest of her years with a kitty companion or another dog that wants to just sleep – but don’t fret if she’s going to be solo. She’s cool with that.

Because she’s a petite gal, condo life could be great for her. Lower Garden District, Carrollton, and Uptown all have great condos for her to relax in. Stairs are ok for you and Chiquita because she’s easy to carry.

Whether you swing by Coliseum Park, Palmer Park, or Audubon for some outdoor time or stay home together, she’s gonna love you no matter what.

Even if condo life isn’t for you, we think a cute cottage in the Irish Channel could fit the bill as well.

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Now that you’ve found your pet, are you ready to find your next home? Let’s chat! 


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