365 New Orleans: Blue Bowls NOLA

365 New Orleans is proud to feature local artists, businesses, and non-profits in the city and surrounding metro area. We are currently featuring new businesses and side hustles that have bloomed out of the pandemic. 


Blue Bowls NOLA is a dinner delivery service that started when COVID took a hit on Lizza Dufrene’s other jobs. Pre-COVID she was cooking for artists on Frenchmen, at Palace Art Market, and The Art Garden. 

Blue Bowls is more than just your average service though. Lizza is creating delicious homemade meals that range from comfort foods to amazing Asian-fare.





What led to this new venture & what’s the most surprising portion of it?

I started making dinner deliveries after quarantine started because some of the artists I worked with told me they missed my food. Some of them are medically high risk so in the beginning, I was doing grocery shopping and errands for them because they couldn’t leave the house.

The most surprising thing has been how many people have supported and encouraged me!



What’s something people may not know about Blue Bowls NOLA?

With the help of an SBA loan, I was able to purchase a food trailer. But it is taking a very long time to get all the proper licensing to be able to actually use it, so it remains parked in my driveway.

I’m actually hoping the very first use of the trailer will be to feed NOLA‘s houseless. The details of where and when will depend on finally obtaining all the licensing.



What’s the best way to follow Blue Bowls and see the daily menu?

Instagram @bluebowlsnola and Facebook Blue Bowls NOLA



Get Blue Bowls to your front door with contactless delivery!


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