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Belles Fetes Productions LLC is a production company bringing immersive entertainment to the New Orleans region designed to tell the stories of its forebearers in an interactive and entertaining way. The initial production Look Don’t Tell immerses its participants in an evening spent with the famed Baroness Pontalba of 18th century New Orleans. The adventurous soiree incorporates an exquisite six course meal with sommelier selected pairings while experiencing dramatic performances, rituals and vignettes.

Belles Fetes passionately supports the local creative community and a portion of all ticket sales goes toward local non-profit organizations supporting New Orleans’ youth.



1. Tell me more! 

We are an immersive theater company that produces interactive productions specific to the stories of New Orleans.  We transport people to a different time and place where they participate in activities and scenes inside a story.  The interactive scenes are designed to draw its participants closer through full immersion, bonding rituals and unique performances.

Guests are alerted of the secret meet up location 24 hours in advance.  The dress code is creative elegant and the sky is the limit!  Upon arrival, you will meet your guide for the evening, Reynard, a mythological trickster fox.   After exchanges are made, Reynard provides each participant with a disguise and shares the rules for participation.  Upon acceptance of the guidelines, everyone is whisked away to the final destination where the evening plays out.

Look Don’t Tell is an excursion into the story of the heroic Baroness Pontalba, as well as her father, Don Andres Almonaster, a prominent businessman and philanthropist to 18th century New Orleans.  The participants dine on a certified farm to table meal prepared by Chef Melissa Araujo accompanied by delightful wines and concoctions curated by fine wine & spirits specialist Chelsea Gober.  In between the courses, participants are led to different rooms where they observe and sometimes engage in performances, vignettes, and more.  It is a full sensory immersive adventure!


2. How long have you been in business?

The company started in the Spring of 2017 and the first production was November 2018.


3. How do people find you online? 

lookdonttell.comFacebook, and Instagram @lookdonttell


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

I am thrilled to be launching immersive productions in New Orleans and look forward to locals learning more about this industry.  Sometimes it can be difficult to describe what an immersive experience is if that person has not yet engaged in this magical and full sensory entertainment.  As more people become familiar with immersive productions such as the hugely popular Sleep No More, it is having a positive effect of growing this industry particularly outside of big cities and into smaller markets like Austin, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, etc.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

An unexpected and lovely coincidence is that the production end of Look Don’t Tell was nearly 100% women led comprised of powerful, passionate and talented women.  Our audio designer is male and equally impressive.

Part of what inspires me is to share more facets of New Orleans.  We have a history that is deep and rich and a pool of talent that is unique inside of one of the most historically beautiful settings in the US.  My passion is to enhance our already incredible culture through collaboration with artists of various mediums and highlight the history and characters of New Orleans.

If you head to the website, you can get on our email list to track when our next production is coming up.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  I plan to host the Pontalba experience again.  There are only a few spots for each night and I encourage people to purchase swiftly when tickets become available again.  I am also in the planning phase for my next production that is going to be a different platform, equally esoteric and mystical, but slightly more exotic and 100% spectacular!


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