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Alexis Larinda Carney (Lexie), owner of Deaf Child, is a hard of hearing musician, marketer, and manager. As an independent songwriter with no private funding or guide, she initially lacked direction, struggling from financial stress. The first person in her family to graduate college, she put together a team to promote sustainable art.

Deaf Child’s mission: make music, bring people together, and support communities. The name comes from Lexie’s complete loss of usable hearing in her left ear (partial loss in right) since birth. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Loyola University New Orleans in Music Industry Studies plus Business Administration. Her songs explore future folk and electro blues.

The team likes tech, promotion, and hospitality. Shah produces electronic music plus runs Seriously Sik sound rentals. Victoria owns Monkey Monkey coffee shop and has a General Business Studies Associate Degree. Cristina advocates Deaf culture and fair access to ASL interpretation. Sherrie, Licensed Massage Therapist with an Associate Degree in Health Information Technology, is passionate about personal wellbeing.


1. Tell me more! 

We speak up for other people – for people who can’t share it as easily. We get access to things that they don’t have access to.

For online marketing, I help local businesses (like Treme Coffeehouse and Monkey Monkey Coffee Shop). I like the family involvement kind of vibe for local places. I vet my clients ahead of time because they must also represent what I believe in.

For every event we host, we donate $1 per ticket to the Orleans Public Defenders through the Free Your Art series. We do not have outside funding and we are bootstrapping all of it.

People can also hire me to put up their flyers and posters for events – that facet is called Street Team.


2. How long have you been in business? 

Deaf Child started in 2013. I was promoting shows and events and decided to start my own.

Street Team started in 2010.

Free Your Art began in 2017.


3. How do people find you online? 

noladeafchild.com, Facebook, and Instagram & Twitter at @noladeafchild


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

Deaf culture is important to me. I’m currently learning sign language. I want the ASL and hearing impaired world to have more options. I wear hearing aids and cannot hear out of my left ear. When I help produce music, I don’t need to hear all the frequencies because I can see them on the boards. I can also feel the vibrations.

I also have this piece of equipment that I can plug into a mixer and it goes straight into my hearing aids.

People do not protect their hearing enough – you need to wear earplugs at shows!


5. Lagniappe Info. 

I have a music industry blog that is updated every Monday. The 3rd week of every month I publish ways to Green the Scene. I want to make the industry more green and sustainable. We need to learn how to be more sustainable everyday.


Check out the Deaf Child website for all their info! 



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