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For more than 20 years now, Jamie Bernstein has been writing songs, poetry, music and performing. Jamie grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, the heart of the Old Timey music scene, and some of the best known bluegrass artists in history.

Jamie has lived in New Orleans since 1996. He started by playing with the band J the Savage.  You may have seen Jamie on tv or the movies. He has appeared in Common Law, Treme, American Horror Story Episode 402, Scream Queens Episode 8 Ghost Stories, Roots, Old Boy, PaperBoy, and Dark Circles.

Jamie Bernstein publicly entered the music business by producing “People Get Ready” for James “12” Andrews in 2007.

Jamie is excited to share his latest album “you don’t know me”. You Don’t Know Me is Baroque folk music featuring jazz drummer Johnny Vidacovich, bassist Pat Casey, pedal steel player Dave Easley, cellist Hellen Gillet, fiddle player Matt Rhody, & gospel group The Zion Harmonizers. You Don’t Know Me is produced by John Chelew.

He is now in the group Future Cowboys – which he tells us more about below.



1. Tell me about you.

I am a singer/songwriter that write music for myself and others. I also do collaboration work.

I am now playing with the group Future Cowboys. Our recent album “Going Kamikaze” was nominated for an OffBeat Award for the Top Rock Record. We were also chosen as one of the top 50 records of the year.


2. How long have you been making music?

I got into the music business while working at the Maple Leaf. I was writing poetry and song writing, but not singing yet.

I was invited to a recording session and ended up producing it.

I wrote the song “1, 2, What you Gonna Do” for the Crescent City All-Stars.

I did all that in 2007 and then did my own album in 2009. So, I am approaching my tenth year as a musician.


3. How do people find you online? 

futurecowboys.net – you can see our tracks, updates, and videos

jamiebernstein.com – this is my personal website

Instagram – @futurecowboys_music and @jamie_bernstein_music


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

I really enjoy collaboration and it’s one of my strengths. People may view me more as a solo artist, but there is a lot to be gained by sharing with others. I’ve been successful as a collaborator and I would like to do more of it.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

I am proficient in guitar. But, I also like to mess around with the piano and wind instruments.

I really encourage people to go see our videos.

Future Cowboys got their name from a waitress at Luizza’s. We were recording “Going Kamikaze” and when we walked in, she said “y’all look like your cowboys from the future.”

I grew up in the wood of West Virginia – in poverty and on food stamps. Life has been a struggle and overcoming various obstacles. But, it gives me a range of compassion for my fellow human beings.


Contact Jamie directly at moonlogik@gmail.com


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