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Nadine Blake is located at 1036 Royal St. in the French Quarter.  This design-inspired shop specializes in gifts and home goods, with a well-traveled, bohemian vibe.  A quaint shop that is included in GOOP’s New Orleans Guide, as well as Sofia Coppola’s Guide to New Orleans.  

A little about the owner: Nadine has lived in L.A. and New York, but always found her way back home to New Orleans. Born and raised here, she attended Ursuline Academy. While living elsewhere she worked in interior design but is now happy to call New Orleans home again.

For six years she coordinated arts programs for the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department.  In New York, Nadine worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and later as a decorator for Mark Hampton Inc. In 2004, she returned home to New Orleans, and in 2007  opened her shop, Nadine Blake.



1. What products and services do you offer? 

There’s a unique mix of new and vintage decorative items such as books, pillows, quilts, candles, artwork, jewelry and notecards.  Many pieces have been collected from around the globe, but I especially love my New Orleans artists.


2. How long have you been in business? 

April 2007


3. How do people find you online? 

nadineblake.com and Instagram @shopnadineblake 


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew?

I can’t think of anything I wish people already knew about my shop (Nadine Blake).  I hope they’ll discover the specialness for themselves.  It’s always fun when visitors pop in for the first time  — maybe they stumble upon the store, maybe they read about it, or maybe it was recommended by a friend.  Either way I love the enthusiasm and good energy people bring.   


5. Lagniappe Info. 

Open Thursday through Monday 10-5


Stop by Nadine Blake in the French Quarter at 1036 Royal St! 



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