365 New Orleans: RPS – The Trio of Chicken On The Bone

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Chicken on the Bone is a local band that you could find on Bourbon Street, playing one of your favorite classic songs. Due to COVID 19 and the shut down of bars in New Orleans, RPS The Trio was born.

The Trio consists of Sarah, Robert, and Perrin and they are now creating their own, original music. Robert noted, “Logistics of having the full band together during COVID was challenging. The creation of the Trio became, and due to the COVID “break,” the reason we were finally able to write and record new music.”



How do we catch the band playing? 

We announce our “live streaming” in advance. It was primarily on Thursdays and Sundays, but with the NFL returning, our days have changed. 


How can we follow you and find out about the live streams?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RPSband504



Original music offerings are new. Tell us more!

We have written 11 new songs since the pandemic started. So far, 8 songs have been released and are streaming everywhere around the world under the full band name of Chicken on the Bone. Just ask Alexa to play songs from Chicken on the Bone!




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