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Ryn Wilson, a Wisconsin native, now calls New Orleans home. She is a full-time seamstress who is a creative and visual thinker. Art is just a part of who she is and she can’t *not* do it. Ryn is constantly thinking of new ways to keep it going.

Making art is not her full-time, it’s her passion. The way Ryn gushes over making visual art, it’s hard not to get excited alongside her.


1. What kind of art do you make? 

I started with photography and then incorporated video. I also incorporate my other art skills, like sewing. The basis is photo & video with other elements mixed into it.


2. How long have you been making art? 

Since high school, so about 20 years now. I moved into the professional side of making art after undergrad, so that was about 12 years ago.


3. How do people find you online? 

My website and Instagram @ryn_wilson


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

That I do like costume designing and sewing. I used to keep things separate and more recently I have added costuming and sewing into my art.


5. What’s your favorite aspect or project you’ve worked on?

I love collaborating with other artists. I just did an interactive performance with costumes, video, song, sound – just all these elements combined. We were playing the roles of oracles. This was with 3 other artists at The Front. We had a great turnout and there was so much energy. We pushed boundaries. I sang in public for the first time and I would have never done that. I wouldn’t even do karaoke before!

I feel like you can get more things done when you’re collaborating.


Make sure to see Ryn’s full installation at The Front, located at 4100 St. Claude, until October 7th, 2018. 


Learn more about New Orleans neighborhood, the Bywater. 


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