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Coach Nile Legania Sr. graduated from Edna Karr in 2001. He participated in track and field while there and was the first person at the school to win 1st place in an individual category at state championships. His passion for track led him back to Edna Karr but in a leadership role. He is currently the head track and field coach at Karr.

The love Nile has for this sport is what led him to create Sprint NOLA Track Club. This group offers students an opportunity to train and compete in other capacities than just at their school.

With tons of parental support (they sit out there in the rain!) and some fantastic pupils, Nile and his crew are training some of the best up and coming athletes.

Nile has even welcomed members at the young of 3. Though he can’t officially compete till 8, I would say he’s going to have a leg up on his future competition.



1. Tell me more about y’all! 

We are the Sprint NOLA Track Club. It’s small groups, usually anywhere from 18 to 30 kids. We want each kid to learn something so they can take it back to school with them.

We are an outdoors summer program that is developing into a year-round indoor one as well. 


2. When did all of this start? 

I came up with he idea in 2013 and our first summer group was in 2014 – we have 10 kids that year.


3. How do people find you online? 

sprintnola.org and Instagram @sprint_nola


4. What is lesser known about your group that you wish more people knew? 

These kids work extremely hard. It’s pretty amazing.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

Registration is currently open, so sign up!

We are accepting all ages, races, and genders.

If you want to follow me directly, my Instagram handle is @_thetrackcoach_

Our programs are on the Westbank, in Marrero, at King’s Grant Playground


Get your kid signed up with Sprint NOLA Track club by visiting their website! 


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