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If you’re ready to enhance your project, idea, product, or vision – Jena Meagher at Studio de Cava is your go-to gal. Jena explains more about Studio de Cava:

You wouldn’t know unless we told you, but “de Cava” is an acronym that originated from a brainstorming exercise (thanks, brother!).

Design Enhanced: Captivate Audiences, Visualize Advantages 

Our multifaceted approach to design and visualization promotes collaboration, encourages intentional thought processes and celebrates opportunities for growth and innovation.

Design Enhanced: It starts with a conversation. We listen, we converse, we understand the need before we begin each project. The method may not be clear cut and the process is not always predictable so we adapt our approach per project in order to embrace the less steadfast values of expression and intuition.

Captivate Audiences: Promote engagement by capturing and expressing your point of view with 3D visuals and renderings. Whether we are collaborating on a project or you have ideas you want to breathe life into, our goal is to partner with you so we can tell the best version of your story and help you reach your target market.

Visualize Advantages: 3D modeling and renderings provide a platform for conversation that can be as detailed as you need them to be. Ultimately, they lead to clarity as you expose all potential solutions, create a shared understanding of your vision and hone in on your competitive advantage.


More about Jena:

Prior to founding Studio de Cava, Jena worked under a wide range of design practices. As creative director of MRO Built, she worked closely with the president and owners to rebrand the company while overseeing the execution and implementation of new marketing and branding practices. The opportunity to weave marketing into her career path has further informed her design process and method when working closely with retail clients on their store concept and fixture programs. While at MRO Built, Jena also spearheaded two major office renovations and worked on behalf of major retail brands including Maui Jim, Vineyard Vines, and Kay Jewelers.

Jena has had the unique advantage of working directly with the craftsmen on the manufacturing floor. This insight, paired with logistics and engineering support, has allowed for a greater understanding of the concept to completion process and all the nuts and bolts in between. From mass produced programs to custom one-of-a-kind pieces, neither is too daunting and the details are just as important in both.

Jena is a self-proclaimed word nerd who loves consonance, cooking, crafting, cultivating and…puppies. She is a New Orleans native whose passion for craftsmen, their work and their ideas spurred the development of Studio de Cava.




1. What products and services do you offer? 

Studio de Cava is a collaborative design consulting and visualization studio. The design consulting is a bit self-explanatory, but, ultimately, I specialize in the design and development of interiors and interior elements, such as, furniture, woodwork and metalwork for commercial and residential spaces. Visualization is a tool I use in all of my projects. It utilizes digital 3D modeling and rendering programs to create intentional and professional visuals – the type of visuals that can be used for marketing because they are higher quality, more realistic and create more compelling presentations and experiences.


2. How long have you been in business? 

I’ve been a designer 9 years but Studio de Cava was opened 2 months ago!


3. How do people find you online? 

studiodecava.com and Instagram @studiodecava


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

We can work with all stages of a project, but early customer acquisition is a game-changer. Early acquisition means we can leverage the power of intentional visuals to build momentum for the project.

There are also a lot of times where ideas don’t gain traction because it’s difficult to verbalize. Being able to use visuals to explain what’s going on in your head is huge in today’s visual-centric world. This can even help seasoned designers looking to expand their portfolio, but they don’t have the time or tools to dedicate to developing the idea they loved that “Client John Doe” shot down. Give me a good reason why those ideas shouldn’t be showcased, too?


5. Lagniappe Info. 

I really enjoy working with others and my goal is to be collaborative in all of my work. One of my current, collaborative, projects is with NOLA Boards. It was truly a cross-section of my favorite things: design, fabrication and marketing.

We have been working closely to develop a collection of dining tables and bar carts that coincide with the NOLA Boards brand. They will be able to use visuals of the product to aid in marketing and I am also able to provide the shop drawings and information necessary for fabrication. We can show off different wood grains within the collection and do more on the digital side to see what their customers are interested in. It’s been really fun working with them to capture their brand in this collection.


Need Jena’s services? Contact her directly at jena@studiodecava.com



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