365 New Orleans: Tammie & Christian

peanut butter pie new orleans

365 New Orleans is proud to feature local artists, businesses, and non-profits in the city and surrounding metro area. We are currently featuring new businesses and side hustles that have bloomed out of the pandemic. 


Service industry veterans and long time partners, Tammie Carpenter and Christian Mathis have been sidelined.  On a normal week, you can find Tammie slinging drinks and her vast trivia facts at Half Moon bar. Christian could be found spouting off all Saints facts at 45 Tchoup and Robert’s Bar.


Since the pandemic hit, they have had to pivot and find other ways to pay the mortgage. What used to be a treat if you got a red velvet cupcake from Tammie, or a bowl of gumbo from Christian has now turned into a delivery service during the week!




What goodies are y’all selling?

Handmade masks, pies, cupcakes, and a different hot dish every week. Sometimes it’s gumbo, other times white beans. It varies weekly.



How do people order from you? 

Tammie Carpenter on Facebook




The most surprising portion of this is how supportive people have been and how much they like our stuff!



Message or follow Tammie on Facebook to snag some of their locally famous food! 


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