365 New Orleans: The Binky Box

The Binky box 2

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Katie Paganuzzi started The Binky Box when her daughter was just a baby. They had a really hard time finding a pacifier that she liked and needed a solution.

Once finding out there was a whole community of pacifier enthusiasts that collect pacifiers to buy, sell, and trade – she figured out how to solve her problem! the Binky box will send you different types of pacifiers for your fussy babies!



What does The Binky Box offer? 

A box full of different types of pacifiers for new parents! We are not a subscription box either. It’s a one time purchase of four different pacifiers to try out. We offer it at a discounted rate than purchasing them individually. 


What were you doing before COVID 19 that led to this side hustle/new gig?

Working full-time at a marketing company


What are the best ways for people to follow you and get more info? 

Instagram @thebinkybox.us and thebinkybox.com


What is something that people may not know/surprise them about Binky Box?

There are all types of pacifiers out there and you will never know what your baby will like!



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Lakeview, Navarre, West End