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Angela Falcone developed her passion for art at a young age, often sitting with her mother, Jeanine Nahra Falcone, while she created her own works of art. In her high school years, she further established her talent through the visual art program at NOCCA.

Despite pursuing many different fields of interest, including a prosperous jewelry business as well as earning her B.S. in Business Management from the University of Holy Cross, Angela has always utilized her talent in the visual arts to make stunning works that engage the viewer through her use of color, technique, and subject. This can be seen not only through her paintings, but also her intricate use of silver wire wrapping and gemstones in the creation of her jewelry.

Through all mediums she pursues, Angela displays a sense of passion and beauty for the natural world, as well as the idiosyncratic nuances that make life interesting.



1. What products and services do you offer? 

Handmade sterling silver and 14k gold-filled jewelry with natural gemstones and original artwork, as well as prints of some of my art.


2. How long have you been in business? 

I started making jewelry while evacuated during Katrina as a form of stress relief and started selling my work at arts and craft shows and online in 2006.


3. How do people find you online? 

www.AngelaFalcone.com, @AngelaFalconeDesigns on Instagram and @AngelaFalconeJewelry on Facebook


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

I LOVE creating custom artwork and jewelry. I’ve worked with brides to create custom jewelry for their bridesmaids and will work with people if they like one of my designs but want a different stone. I have also done silhouettes of people’s dogs or general breeds in sterling silver necklaces. If it’s something I can do, I’ll make it happen.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

Stop by the Gretna Art Walk and say hi!


Check out Angela on Instagram and message her for your next custom piece! 



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