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Bon Moment presents cultural, dining, and cocktail experiences designed to entertain and enlighten. We plan group tours for foodies looking to explore New Orleans, find new favorites, and discover hidden gems.

A New Orleans native, I grew up surrounded by a passion for good food, an appreciation for the talents of the cook, and a love for the community it brings to the table. I’ve created a tour experience that is for learning, as much as it is for celebrating and making memories. On our walks between stops, you’ll hear about local culture and colorful traditions, discover unique architecture and art, and learn how our history has shaped our cuisine and cocktails. You’re also supporting a woman-owned, small business that supports other small businesses and getting a look into New Orleans like a local!

 – Michelle Mashon, Founder

1. Tell me about the tours! 

They are “living like a local” walking tours. I don’t do any tours in the French Quarter. They are in the Bywater, Carrollton, Garden District, Marigny, Oretha Castle Haley, and Freret. All tours include food, drink, tax, and tip. You can sit back and relax as everything is taken care of. You never know where we will on the tour – could be a cemetery tour, a dance class, or a special shop. It’s truly being a local because I am!


2. How long have you been in business? 

2016. I was working in the food tour industry from 2013-2016 for the now-defunct Dish Crawl. After they shut down, I started Bon Moment!


3. How do people find you online? 

bonmomentnola.com, Facebook, Instagram @bonmomentnola, and Twitter @bonmomentnola


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

This is a single woman-owned business! But, also these tours are much more intimate than corporate tours. My passion comes across the most, I think. I do extensive research because these subjects interest me. This way when we are on tour, the information is accurate. I don’t ever read from a  script – it’s just me!


5. Lagniappe Info. 

This all started as a tour for locals so they could explore new places.

We would love to have more locals use us as a resource for when their friends come in town. This would be a great event for your guests flying in for your wedding, bachelorette party, or other events. It’s an interesting experience without you having to do all the work.

I really love having a local on the tour with me. They always add a little twist to something or have a fun story of an experience at one of the stops.

We can accommodate dietary restrictions as well. I have good relationships with our stops to make this possible.

The minimum amount of people for a tour is 2.

The most popular booking is the Garden District tour. The Bywater tour is my personal favorite though. They aren’t all about the food and drink – it’s a full experience.

There is a dive bar tour in the Bywater too where you go day drinking with strangers. It’s so great!


Email Michelle today to book a tour! info@bonmomentnola.com


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