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Beatrice Ann is from Clinton, Louisiana. After spending a long period of time in New York, she made her way back south and landed in the Riverside neighborhood of New Orleans.

Beatrice Ann’s name comes from her grandmother, whom she speaks fondly of. Her grandmother was thoughtful and could see multiple points of view. The reason this is important is that it inspired her while writing The Chicken & The Egg. 


1. Tell me about The Chicken & The Egg. 

The Chicken & The Egg is the first book in a series. The first book is about a chicken and an egg and they are arguing about who should go first.  For example, they tell each other “you go first because you’re older” and things like that. They have no idea what they are in line for but, it allows kids to think for themselves and try to guess. They can also see other points of view. This book also shows kids it’s ok to disagree and realize other opinions are valid. 

In the end, we find they are stuffed animals in a claw machine and they are put into a little boys backpack.

In the second book, The Chicken & The Egg Hit The Road, they are now in the boy’s backpack and going on a ride in a car. The second book is about patience, but I never use that word. Kids hear the words “Be patient!” and associate with being quiet. I like to focus on the utility of the word patience.


2. When was this book written?

I wrote it in 2011 and published in 2012. The second book came out in 2015. And the 3rd book is TBD. The third one will be about gratitude.


3. How do people find the books & you online? 

My website and Facebook.


4. What is lesser known about your book that you wish more people knew? 

There is a turtle without a shell, named Turbo, running around in the books. He saw his buddies being “kidnapped” from the claw machine and didn’t want his shell slowing him down. I  love him because he’s not being encumbered by this shell just because he was born that way. Turbo won’t be held back by the shell and doesn’t have to live with it.


5. Give me the lagniappe info. 

I have very literal and figurative meanings in the book. I want kids to be able to get it and enjoy it while the adults reading it can also gain something from the book as well. I try to purposefully write them so they won’t go over a child’s head.

My sister does all of the illustrations. I take pictures of me doing crazy movements and she turns them into drawings.

Also, I acquired the website from some Amish folks in Oklahoma. They had the website name and I wanted it. I called them, put on my best southern accent, and asked them to sell me the site. It worked!


Grab a copy of The Chicken & The Egg and anxiously await her 3rd book! 


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