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Local comedian, and Warren Easton graduate, Corey Mack is a jack of many trades. You can find him on a Bourbon Street stage in between band breaks. He might be leading sing-a-longs or beatboxing over “Sweet Caroline.” You may also find Corey hosting a burlesque or comedy show as well!

If you like karaoke, he has own spin on it with Corey-oke at the Hi-Ho Lounge. Corey can also be heard on local radio station B-97 on Saturdays in between songs.

Need a DJ or ordained minister? Corey Mack has that covered too.

What Corey is most known for is his hilarity. He can keep you in stitches for hours! Check out more about him and where to find him below.



1. Tell me where we can find you and any other amazing Corey Mack info! 

I graduated from Warren Easton in 1994 and was voted the Most Humorous. What’s hilarious is that I then left for the Marines. While I was stationed in New York, me and some fellow Marines went to a comedy show. Everyone kept telling me that I should do it. I had to have a few drinks, but I got up there. It was really cool but I didn’t try stand-up again till a few months later, and then it was another year before I tried again.

I realized that my first 4 to 5 times doing comedy was actually me doing an impression of a comedian. There were some stints of more open mic nights and even a poetry open mic night. After a really bad set one evening, I decided comedy wasn’t for me.

I found this book “The Comedy Bible” and it really put it all into perspective. It tells you that comedy takes time and I needed that reminder.

I bounced back and forth from New Orleans, New York, and Baton Rouge for a while. I was hosting some shows here and there. I ended up moving to Atlanta with my wife and comedy really went on the back burner again.

While in Atlanta, I mastered at art of beatboxing and for two seconds thought I would be a street performer. So when we got back to New Orleans, I tried that for a second. There were a lot of elements about it that I knew it wasn’t for me. I ended up at Bourbon Cowboy being an emcee and commentating on people riding the bull.

After my wife found a Craigslist ad for a comedy open mic night in Mandeville, I found a bar I called home for a while. They asked me host a weekly comedy night. The show took off immediately. While, sadly, that bar closed. Another Northshore venue hired me and we do once a month shows there now.

I produce and book shows as well. Whether you want to hire burlesque dancers, comedians, sideshow acts – I can hook it up.

No matter where my shows are held at – they FEEL big.


2. How do people find you online? 

coreymack.us and Instagram @sillyshaman


3. Lagniappe Info. 

Find me at the New Orleans Famous Door on Fridays  at 1:30pm, 4:15pm, and 7pm.

Friday nights at 9pm and 10:30pm, stop by for a burlesque show at the Burgundy Bar at the Saint Hotel.

You can regularly find me at Harrah’s Casino. Next shows are May 7th and 8th at 8pm.

Corey-oke is at the Hi-Ho Lounge on the last Sunday of April at 11pm.


Follow Corey on Instagram and check out his website to find out where he is next! 



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