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Truth is a journey on the way to your life’s destination. Truth exists everywhere and within everyone. Farris seeks to explore these ideas visually, through his surreal exploration of cultural, historical and spiritual ideals. In Farris’ latest series, Plant the Seeds / Respect the Roots, he brings his intense and thought-provoking style to canvas welcoming you to a world where the beauty is surreal, yet familiar. Farris Armand, (also known as (“3hree”) is a life long artist and resident of New Orleans, LA. 




1. Tell me more about you! 

I am a visual artist. I do acrylic paintings and carvings in cypress wood.  Kern Studios is another place you can find me, working on floats for Endymion, Bacchus, Muses, and Tucks.

I’m also a tattoo artist. I own World Class Tattoos on the Westbank. 


2. How long have you been in business? 

I’ve been picking up crayons and pens since I was three years old.

My mom would have candles around the house and I sued to carve them. I would carve fish out of them mainly. She HATED it.

I have been tattooing for 15 years – I started at Ink Box Tattoos on Canal.

I’ve been with Kern Studios since 2016.


3. How do people find you online? 

worldclasstattoosnola.com, and Instagram @3HREEE


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

While I’ve always been an artist, I took a step back from it for a long time. When I got into tattooing, it brought me back into painting and carving. Art came back to the forefront.

Tattooing has also made me more versatile by learning lots of different styles of art.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

The majority of my art is shown at my shop.

I am preparing for a solo show for the end of this year or early 2020.

I compose music as well. I’ve been doing it for independent films.


Go meet Farris in the flesh at World Class Tattoos at 1530 Lapalco Ste. 13.


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