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Little Church Knits owner Cheryl Toy is an avid knitter, instructor, and designer. After achieving a BFA (Design), Cheryl designed sets, costumes, and lighting for theatre and worked for many years as an Art Director in the film industry. A passion for antique buildings took Cheryl to New Orleans where she was active in historical restoration. 

From Cheryl: The Little Church is devoted to crafting. I believe the homely arts are representative of our ingenuity and resilience as humans. Even when necessity acts as the mother of invention, craft serves as the first and humblest manifestation of our innate desire to create and to decorate.



1. What products and services do you offer? 

I design knitwear, meaning I write patterns for others to make their own knitted projects. The patterns are published online and in national magazines.

Working with these major publications means responding too alls for submission with design proposals. From there, I work directly with the editors on what lines and materials they want at the moment. I then have a sample made to send to the publishers for technical editing and then publication.


2. How long have you been in business? 

I have been knitting since childhood. But I’ve had my business for 3 years.


3. How do people find you online? 

littlechurchknits.com, Facebook, Instagram @littlechurchknits, and Ravelry


4. What is lesser known about your business that you wish more people knew? 

I’m making a huge effort to design more patterns for knitters in the South using more plant-based fibers and blends.

My current project is working on a line with a southern gothic aesthetic. I’m inspired by architectural elements specific to New Orleans, such as wrought ironwork.


5. Lagniappe Info. 

I started a New Orleans knitting group called the Tipsy Knitters, where we focus on knitting in bars. We meet on Wednesday nights. We have a membership that ranges from folks in the health sciences to lawyers to those in the tech sector.

I’m also working on a series of hats right now. I’m working with palm fibers for a brimmed sun hat.

This day and age of knitting is not your mama’s knitting. We now use luxurious fibers and more sophisticated patterns and tools.


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