Prospect 4 – The Sequel


This is round 2 of Prospect 4 – The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp. To refresh your memory, they are various art installations all over the city. Locations for Prospect 4 range from outdoors to inside museums. Here is a look 3 more of the venues & their prospective artists.


New Orleans City Park

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This particular art installment was extremely difficult to find, mainly because I had no clue what I was looking for. Thank the lawd for Instagram though! I was able to follow a hashtag and find it’s location. This piece, by James Webb, has hidden speakers in the old oak trees that give you the sounds of a Japanese robin. While I had heard bird noises, I didn’t realize they were not real! To find this one, you will need to enter where the entrance is across from Ralph’s on the Park. After that, turn to your right and follow the path. Once you find the plaque, close your eyes and take in the sounds.


Crescent Park

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Put on your walking shoes when you go to find these 4 art pieces! They are pretty spread out over the entire park. If you take the Rusty Rainbow by Piety, you will immediately turn to your left and start walking. There will be one installation almost immediately to your left that is playing music. Continue to follow the path down, and you will come across the “Vessel.” Back track your starting point at the Rusty Rainbow and you turn right, you will find the tables by the river and the wall with words painted on it. They were all pretty neat & of course the views of the city from there are hard to beat.


Habana Works Billboard


This one is located at 1314 N. Rampart and easy to spot. You may have already noticed it and didn’t know what it was for! This piece is by Yoko Ono.


Keep your eyes peeled for art all around you! I will be featuring more of the pieces in the coming weeks!


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