Thanksgiving Restaurants: 2019


We all love our families; most of the time anyway. Many of us love to cook, but if you are anything like me, you don’t always love to cook FOR your family. 

Aunt Debra always complains that the stuffing should be oyster dressing, Uncle Jeff always has something to say about the apple pie, and let’s not even get started with the turkey.  Brine it, dry rub it, roast it, deep fry it, spatchcock it – who even knows what that last one is!?! Whichever way you go, SOMEBODY is going to have some feelings about it.

If you are a person who wants to eat good food, enjoy your family, and skip the dishes, you’ve found the right list. Here is a collection of New Orleans favorites that will be open and serving dinner on Thanksgiving day.  Go enjoy the feast, and let the revelry reign! Happy Thanksgiving y’all!  




This Uptown charmer will be sure to please.  From the hand-crafted cocktails to carefully selected menu items. Keep an eye on the website for a special holiday menu.  


Bourbon House

Head downtown for a solid winner at a classic seafood restaurant. Be forewarned, the high river level this spring had a major impact on the local oyster beds.  Be ready to try some of their other outstanding dishes. You’ll expand your palate and share it with others. Didn’t Mom always want you to share?  


Willa Jean

The CBD is showing up for the holiday at Willa Jean.  A quick phone call confirmed that this delicious bakery and restaurant will be serving its magical creations for the feasting holiday.  Make your way to Willa Jean for dinner, OR if you’re feeling more inclined to host, grab some dishes from their Thanksgiving catering menu to serve in the blissful comfort of your pajamas. I mean, home, the blissful comfort of your home.  Check their website for pick up options. 



Check into the Hotel Roosevelt if you really want a vacation from your family this Thanksgiving.  Don’t forget to book your reservation at Domenica for their four-course Thanksgiving meal. With three options for each course, there is an option for every member of the family. I think the crispy oysters should satisfy Aunt Debra.   


The Fairgrounds

If you want to ditch the family and disappear into a crowd of strangers, check out the Fairgrounds Thanksgiving buffet.  You’ll be sure to have a good time if you grab a few friends and head for the ponies. Good food, good times, good drinks, what more could you ask for? 


Windowsill Pies*

This local baking duo gets an asterisk because they will not actually be open for service on Thanksgiving.  BUT! They will be baking up a storm for all of your pie pick up needs beforehand. All of the holiday pies will be available to order online. It’s business as usual,  and they hope to offer pick up for orders in their new shop before they are fully staffed for service… Can you say sneak peek? I can’t wait! Look at how delicious that pie is!  


Happy Thanksgiving y’all! 


written by: Beth Firneno



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