Where’d Ya Get Dat Costume?


Ok, y’all. Let’s get real. Some of us aren’t as crafty as the rest of y’all.

But, we do love a good costume. Instead of spending another Mardi Gras wearing just a tutu and a purple, green, and gold striped shirt – hire a costuming pro to create you a unique piece!

Who can do this, with only a few weeks left before Mardi Gras, and work with my budget?! TELL MEEE!!!!

Calm down! We’ve got you! Message our favorite people below ASAP to get working on your one of a kind pieces.



Elizabeth Zibilich

She’s a firm believer that you should be able to drink, dance, and use the bathroom in costume.

Elizabeth has been doing this for 20 years. Even if you have an old costume you would like revamped, she’s your gal!

Since she is also a milliner, if you’re thinking of something with a cool hat, she can help you complete that vision.


Mother Tucker

If you love special items to jazz up the costume you already have, Tucker is going to be your go-to on this one. He has ideas for days and the pieces to complete the look you’ve been dreaming of!


Silent Shores

If you are, what some would call, a nerd and love crazy costuming, then Kaiti is the person to call. She’s made armor out of leather, an 18th century ball gown, corsets, and masks & headdresses. Kaiti is clear about not calling her a week before Mardi Gras though because she has to finish her own costume! Holler at her ASAP!


Midori Tajiri

Do you like whimsical, fun, and elaborate? Midori is the person to create a stunning cape, wig, or headpiece for that.

Not only will she add feathers and glam you out, you can hire her to complete the look with her professional make-up skills.


Caroline Thomas

Caroline is likely busy finishing floats for Mardi Gras. But, her headpieces are a special sort of magic. You can find them at shops all over the city. If you want something special, reach out to see if she can whip something up!


If you find yourself truly crunched on time, check out some of our great local costume shops to help fill in the gaps!


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